Information for Professionals

Whether you work with children and young people or with adults who are parents/carers, or likely to become so, you need to be aware of child protection issues. You have a duty to put the welfare of the child first, over and above all other duties to your adult clients. This includes sharing information for the protection of the child.

The Highland Children's Services Practice Guidance explains these duties in more detail and further information on the Highland Practice Model, and the training available to practitioners, can be found in dedicated sections of this website.

Good practice in child protection is constantly evolving. It is informed by the lessons drawn from reviewing serious and critical incidents e.g. Victoria Climbie, Caleb Ness, Danielle Reid, etc. It is also informed by multi-disciplinary inspection and ongoing academic research.

DID YOU KNOW? Highland CPC has a small lending library based at Kinmylies as well as access to electronic copies of a wide variety of Child Protection publications. Highland CPC also has BASPCAN membership and is entitled to access the Child Abuse Review Journal. The link should give access to the contents list for each journal. If you are a member of staff in a CPC partner agency and require a copy of a particular item please contact the CPC support team at Kinmylies: 01463 703483.
The links on this page will take you to a range of gateways to information and support:

Scottish Child Care & Protection Network - The connections section of this site is comprehensive.

WithScotland - A Scottish Government and COSLA funded resource for Child and Adult Protection. Their briefings and the audio replays of lectures are particularly worthwhile:

The Care Inspectorate HUB - A range of resources promoting knowledge, innovation and improvement

Scottish Childrens Reporter Administration - A range of research papers, guidance and explanatory materials relating to the Children's Hearing System. Also SCRA podcasts

NICE guidelines on signs of child maltreatment

Core information on aspects of physical child abuse

Hands On Scotland emotional wellbeing toolkit

Child Protection & Disability toolkit

Centre for Excellence and outcomes in Children and Young People's Services

 BMA Child Protection Resources

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS)  also worth a visit is iriss fm, which has podcasts on a wide range of social work topics.

The British Library has launched its social welfare portal. This website allows users to download research reports, summaries and government papers; search for British Library resources about social welfare; and includes a monthly current awareness bulletin.
Source: British Library: social welfare portal

Guardian and NSPCC Social Care Network

Social work tools for direct work with children:


Specific Research:

Parenting and children's resiliance in disadvantaged communities

Fathers with a History of Child Sexual Abuse - Lessons for Policy and Practice

Beyond Violence: Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse

How safe are our children? 2015 (NSPCC) - The most comprehensive overview of child protection in the UK.
How early years trauma affects the brain - Dan Hughes webcast


North of Scotland Welbeing in Sexual Health (WISH) Event 10th November 2010
This event considered the implications of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009, which came into force on 1st December 2010 and has significant implications for child protection and for the delivery of sexual health services.

Child Sexual Abuse Summit February 2010

Connecting Research and Practice
SNAPY and SCCPN seminar on children affected by parental alcohol use - link to presentations.

Listen Again to WithScotland's Virtual (On-Line) Seminars...
Free podcasts are available across a range of child protection issues through the Listen Again facility, e.g.:

  • Child sexual exploitation and what is happening in Scotland
  • A balancing act - a grounded theory of child protection social work
  • Complexity, uncertainty and invisibility. Disabled children’s experiences of the child protection service
  • Childhood Neglect and Improving Outcomes for Children
and many more seminars from academics at Stirling and elsewhere.

Conference Reports:

Members of Highland CPC Training Group take responsibility for maintaining specialist Child Protection knowledge. In addition the CPC and Safer Highland support staff attend conferences on generic and cross-cutting issues. Short conference reports are produced detailing key messages and giving contact details for further information:

Other Useful Links:

Key Messages for Practice (External Link to Haringey LSCB lessons from SCRs)

The NSPCC has launched a government funded Whistleblowing Advice Line. This will take calls from professionals from any sector who are worried about the way their, or another, organisation is dealing with child protection issues. Employees who don’t feel able to escalate these issues internally can contact the service, as well as those who have been unsuccessful in doing so. It can be reached for free on 0800 028 0285 and can be contacted anonymously.